So, for Christmas, my dad bought each of his daughters (there are three of us) a tube of this super fancy British men’s shaving cream.  None of us even skipped a beat, because my dad is upper-class British, totally into shaving stuff, and totally metro.  He was all, “it lathers up really well and is going to be really good for larger surface areas!”  (My brother didn’t get any, since he’s only 13 and I think my dad is still in denial that he’s shaving at all.)  Ridiculous moments like this are par for the course in my family.

Well, as comical as my dad is, he’s right.  My sisters and I conferred today, and with all precincts reporting, we called this one for HELL YES.  This stuff is really, really nice.  It’s moisturizing and the razor just glides.  Predictably, it smells a little masculine, but the scent isn’t too strong, so I just wash off after shaving with some accordingly feminine scented shower gel and you can’t even tell.  So, just throwing it out there for anyone who might be looking for a nice shaving product.


3 Responses to Random

  1. Doesn’t Bath&Body Works carry this line? I have some stuff from them which I love. 🙂

  2. Toygirl says:

    That’d be great if they do; it’s gone mainstream!

  3. ansleyagnello says:

    I LOVE C.O. Bigelow products.. and yes, B&BW does carry them. My favorite are the Mentha line.. especially the lip gloss.. makes your lips tingly and kissable. 🙂

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