Silicone Softees Waves of Euphoria

Silicone Softees Waves of Euphoria from Toygirl on Vimeo.

(Apologies, everyone, for my being in my bathrobe. I’m writing final papers and have been too lazy to get dressed for a few days now. I assure you I’m still showering, though.)

I’m reviewing this toy for Eden, and I decided to link to a video demonstrating some of the tactile and auditory aspects of this particular vibrator (read: it’s really squishy and loud). I had very mixed feelings about this toy, and I’ll put up the link to entire review when it goes live.

Update: My review has gone live at Eden!  It can be read here!


4 Responses to Silicone Softees Waves of Euphoria

  1. Epiphora says:

    Ew. It gets LOUDER when you clench it? Not cool.

  2. Holy fucking shit, it’s like the G-Spot Yoko Yoko’s less-amusing twin!

  3. Toygirl says:

    For SERIOUS. It also feels like Nikelodeon Gak. Not cool.

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