So, I bought a LELO Iris and Nea off of ebay, and the seller seems to have taken my money and run. Doesn’t really look like there’s anything I can do about it, either. I am NOT pleased.

Update: The good folks at eBay have given me the money I lost towards a future purchase, so everything seems to have worked out alright in the end. 🙂  I honestly wasn’t expecting them to do anything, so it was a nice surprise.


4 Responses to Grrrrr…

  1. I’m pretty sure places like eBay and Amazon let you file reports about stuff like that. Also, you can call your credit card company, tell them what happened, and cancel the payment.

  2. Toygirl says:

    eBay was very cool about it and gave me a credit for most of the money I lost. Found out about it this morning, so I definitely feel better about the whole thing.

  3. Beautiful Dreamer says:

    Glad you got your money back! 🙂 Email me & I’ll give you the secret for scoring a Nea cheap. 🙂

  4. Beautiful Dreamer says:

    Scratch that. Just checked the site and seems they’ve caught on. 😦 Sorry!

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