Hi! About a month ago, I precipitously decided to take up a new hobby: reviewing sex toys. My reasons for taking up this hobby are twofold: first, in the wake of Obama’s victory, I have nothing to do. No news to check constantly, no voters to call in swing states, no blip in some poll to obsess over. I’m staying engaged on a volunteer level, but politics is no longer an all-consuming preoccupation for me. I need something to fill that void (because, hey, I need a distraction from graduate school or I’ll go insane). My second reason for taking up sex toy blogging in particular is therapy. I am an abuse survivor. The relationship lasted four years. I got out a year ago, and I still find a lot of things related to sex triggering. By doing this kind of blogging, I’m hoping to a) push past a lot of my triggers and b) disassociate the concept of sex and pleasure from my abuser (the only man I’ve ever had sex with). We’ll see how this goes!


One Response to Welcome!

  1. sensuouswife says:

    What a brave and proactive woman. I’m so glad you are recovering and sorry you had to experience being abused. Toys sound like a good option for you to care for your sexuality and protect yourself from risk of further potential abuse caused by hooking up with another abuser. Orgasms are marvelous! But they’re not everything. Intimacy is important too. And not all intimacy is erotic. We all need healthy connection with safe people. Someone to hug us and listen to us and help us just be loved. That’s my hope for you-plenty of hugs and phone calls and hand squeezes nonerotic affection while you heal. I love shaggin’ Delighted Husband, and welcome all orgasms solo or duet. But if I’m not taking the time to connect with my friends and enjoy sharing from my heart on a phone call or lunch with a girlfriend or hugs from my friends and family, I still feel like the lightbulb inside my heart is dim not burning brightly.

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